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Chemical processing plants use various gases in their processing systems. Many of these gases require special regulator material to eliminate or reduce corrosion & increase service life. In many cases piping systems or pressure reducing stations are used to reduce the pressure to the level of downstream system requirements. Each process gas has its own set of unique characteristic in terms of its chemical composition, Corrosion properties & molecular structure. Special care is taken to select proper material which comes in contact with process gases. To this effect we have developed using metal parts in steel, Monel, Hystelloy etc & elastomer in Nitrile, EPDM, Fluoroelastomer (FKM) & Teflon (PTFE) etc.

Typical applications are Pressure Reduction, Back Pressure Control, Differential Pressure Control & Vacuum Breakers etc.

Similarly, many hazardous chemicals are stored in tanks & the chemical process reactions are carried out in vessels. To avoid the contamination with atmospheric air a Nitrogen is being purged at constant pressure. We offer tailor made Nitrogen blanketing systems for tanks & centrifuges for process Industry.


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