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 Oil & Natural Gas
Primary function of oil field processing is the separation of saleable liquids, Natural Gas & undesirable contaminants. A well stream separator divides the liquid hydrocarbons from the gas through the use of level & pressure control instrumentation and the Natural gas & liquid are discharged from the separators. Natural Gas is further processed in gas gathering stations.

Natural gas from offshore wells flows through high pressure transmission pipelines companies to gas distribution companies for sale to consumers. Pressure Regulators control the high pressure gas as it moves along the pipeline. At City Gate Station & District Regulating Stations regulators reduce the pipeline gas pressure to distribution pressure. Before distribution an odorant is added in the gas so people can detect the gas in the event of a leak. To provide a constant, measurable gas pressure, service regulators control the gas pressure before it enters the customer's residence or building.

Nirmal specialises in offering the solutions for entire gas chain with the proven products like Filter Separator, Scrubber, Knockout Drum, Water bath heater, High pressure regulators, Safety shutoff valves, Pre-fabricated skids, Commercial & Domestic regulators.

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